Our mission
Autonomous Flight Technologies is one of the pioneers of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) industry in Romania, who has been developing and producing aerial platforms, since 2004. Today, AFT is the no.1 Romanian UAV company and one of the top from the Eastern Europe. We deliver complex solutions for civilian applications (our first autopilot was developed in 2006) and for military operations (our first target drone was produced in 2005). In 2017, we achieved NATO recognition for the best STANAG 4609 implementation. Our mission is to be one of the top technology provider in this industry.
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Our vision
Our vision is to minimize the importance of pilot skills of the human factor by providing complex UAV solutions based on highest technologies in a friendly user and intuitive manner. The success is in the technical details!

Our values
Passion for what we are doing: we all love and respect the flight and aviation.
Motivation: our determination to create impactful innovations.
Focus on technical details: “the lego brick” of our work is the technical detail; each one has the same importance and value.
Confidence in team support: is about self-confidence and more important is about the confidence in the team – our greatest values!
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Our services
UAV Services
Photogrammetry mission; Target drone operating; UAV training and consulting.
R&D Service
Unmanned vehicle design; Mecatronics projects; Composite materials; Electronics and software.
Composit materials; CNC and mechanical parts; Rapid prototyping; Electronics manufacturing.
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Our UAV Product Series 
Hirrus Series
Consists of electric propulsion aerial vehicles with a MTOW range from 5 up to 25 kg. Almost all new technologies that we are developing, are implemented and tested on Hirrus family first. Family’s flagship is Hirrus L, having 9 kg MTOW. We also have a new vehicle under development: Hirrus XL with a 15 kg MTOW.
View Hirrus L detailed specification. -

Signus Series
Internal combustion engine propulsion, with MTOW range from 25 up to 150 kg. Signus 150D is a technological demonstrator, as well as a testing & equipment integration platform. In the next future Signus150 will be a tactic UAV with more than 48 hours autonomy. We also have under development a small tactic class prototype Signus35 with a MTOW around 35 Kg and the autonomy over 24 hours.

Quarrus Series
Internal combustion engine or jet propulsion aerial target system for military and special forces training. Quarrus I is the most used UAV, with a couple of thousands flight hours, until now. In 10 years of duty it served all categories of ground to air artillery or missile defense. Quarrus II is a target towing and carrier platform with a MTOW up to 150 kg. Quarrus II was used to test an air-to-air missile under a research program. Quarrus III and Quarrus IV will be the next steps in our target drone series with a higher speed and more versatile configuration options.

Related products
In addition to our UAV families, we are producing and continuously developing all the adjacent subsystems without which it would not be possible to have a complete and functional unmanned aerial system. This subsystems like: gimbal EO/IR payload; ground data terminal; ground control station; launcher; etc. became in near future independent systems suitable to be integrated in other UAV systems.
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Over 10 Years of activity
Flight hours
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Our team
At Autonomous Flight Technologies we care more about the products we build, than about proving how 'clever' we are.
We usually are a valuable extension of our clients' teams in the projects we build together.
Our "one team" motto helps us engage as a team from composite material to software.
Our collaborative working style emphasizes teamwork, trust, and tolerance for diverging opinions. People tell us we are down-to-earth, approachable and fun.
We have a passion for our products true performance and a joy for work that starts Monday morning. We work hard, but we also play...
We enjoy what we do, we create ideas and we laugh.
It feels different to work with us.
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Our skills
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Structural and aeronautic design, 3D modeling and prototyping.
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Electronics and PCB design according to latest standards.
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Custom software and firmware development, meet customer specs.
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Final step for high quality product.
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Wolfgang Mache
"Everybody can benefit from the deliverables created and gathered by Hirrus. More or less it comes down to governmental agencies; it comes down to other agencies dealing with mapping, environmental control, environmental protecting, law enforcement and migration control, etc."
Mihai Vidrascu
"In 2002 two young enthusiasts started building and selling RC toys in a garage. Two years later, the team grew and AFT was formed. The first target drone was built, tested and finally used in a anti-aircraft firing range. 2006 AFT develope and produced the first company made automatic pilot system. Ten years later, the team created an entire family of vehicles capable of autonomous flight, all manufactured in a modern company. And it does not seem that they will stop here."
Robert Munday
"I think the main benefit of Hirrus is its flexibility and the ability to actually load different payloads on to the platform. Really to configure a platform for it specific use. I think this has a great advantage over a lot of UAVs which have these sensors actually built into the platform so there's not the same sort of scope to change these things around." 
Autonomous Flight Technologies
Str. Aeroportului Nr. 1, Clinceni, Jud. Ilfov, Cod 077060
(DC 125 intersection with DC 126)
tel.: (+40) 741 260 929